CORONAVIRUS - Lifting of Suspension of tours from 1st June.
[With the end of the emergency declaration in Hokkaido, NOASC will resume our outdoor tours in stages. 】

The Hokkaido government has lifted the state of emergency as of 25th May 2020.
Our tour activities will be phased back from Monday, June 1.
In the future,
1) The safety of our customers and staff is our first and foremost,
2) Helping to prevent infection spread is our goal while,
3) Hoping our customers enjoy the great outdoors once more.
We apologize for the inconvenience our staged recommencement of tours might cause.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

【About our CoronaVirus Countermeasures】

We are following the guidelines of the Rafting Association of Japan, and measures our staff have decided on so we can operate our tours in the safest possible manner, while providing duty of care to all.

Rafting Association Guidelines

【June Tour Operations】

We will be open regularly as previously 3 days per week, starting with Friday, Saturday and Sundays, running tours with our normal minimum number requirements.

On other days we will be able to hold a step-by-step tour on weekdays from Monday to Thursday.
The minimum number of people on tours on these days will be 4 or more people.
Thank you for your understanding.

Tour reservations can be made by
We will accept it by HP, e-mail, and telephone(From June 1st).

【HP】 For our Web discounts (10% off, when booking online, etc.)…/discoun…/special-deals-and-discounts

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NOASC Co., Ltd.

Tuesday, 16 June 2020 19:13

Niseko E-Mountain Biking (E-MTB)

Niseko E-Mountain Biking

Try E-Mountain biking (E-MTBing) and find out what all the hype is about. Electric Motor pedal assisted mountain bikes turn trail climbing, x-country trail riding, touring and then downhill courses into the ultimate fun.

When taking a NOASC E-Mountain Bike tour, based on your experience and the weather, we will choose a course to suit your needs. Whether it is a leisurely ride along side Shiribetsu River, a downhill on/off-road tour, downhill off-road single track, mountain trail to a cross-country bush bashing tour we try to take you where you want to go. Tours run in Niseko, and surrounding mountains. Contact NOASC for further information.

Private Boat 20,000yen (Tour photos included)


NOASC is sure to satisfy both first timers and repeat clients!
In Niseko's magnificent nature, we work together with friends and family to ♪ rafting.
Our private chartered boat plan is recommended for such people♪
☆ Do you want to raft in a boat only with your group!
☆ I want to enjoy the experience without worrying about other customers!
☆ Because it is a special day, I want to experience the tour alone! (I'm sorry, but we need room for our guide too.)
☆ Catering for Children, through to the 80 years olds. Raft at your own pace!
And so on....

Friday, 17 January 2020 09:46

NOASC 2020 Ski lessons Snowboard lessons

Check out our new video

Niseko ski and snowboard lessons. Book NOW!