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ニセコ 1day ラフトフィッシングツアー



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  • Price 63,500yen (per boat)
  • Meeting Time Am:6:00
  • Duration 8-10 hours
  • Min. Age 6 years and above
  • Min. Persons 1-4 persons for above price
  • Season Late May - Early October
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ニセコ 半日 ラフトフィッシングツアー



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  • Price 31,500yen (per boat)
  • Meeting Time Am:6:00 Pm:14:00
  • Duration 4-5 hours
  • Min. Age 6 years and above
  • Min. Persons 1-4 pers. for above price
  • Season Late May - Late October
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Niseko Private Rafting Tour

59,400yen (Full Private Tour)

Seat back and enjoy the spoils of a Niseko Private Rafting tour with you and your friends, or the whole family. If you are looking for some extra special service, the privacy of your own private raft on the river, and/or the support/guding skills of one of our senior guides/Instructors, this is the tour for you!  Choose your tour start time between the time periods below.

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Niseko Full-Day Ducky (Inflatable Kayak) Tour

Your next step in river running after a NOASC Rafting tour. Our trained professional staff, we will show you the necessary techniques, etc., needed to run rivers, and support you on our down river Ducky tour. Try duckying by yourself. Alternatively, team up with your partner or best friend and as  a team conquer the river rapids on your way down stream. Guests are asked to bring their own lunch, etc. Contact NOASC for further details!

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