Shimukappu Tomamu Duckying

Shimukappu Tomamu Duckying (1)

Located within 1.5 hours drive of Sapporo and Asahikawa cities, NOASC's Shimukappu Tomamu Duckying tour is an experience you shouldn't miss. If you have been Rafting, then your next step is a Duckying (Inflatable Kayak) Tour.  Along with your instructor/guide make your way downriver, navigating your way around rocks, shooting the rapids along the way, within this very beautiful area of central Hokkaido.

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Shimukappu Tomamu Duckying Tour

 Enjoy a half day on the river duckying (Inflatable Kayaking) in either a single or double ducky. After a short lesson on all the basics needed to control your ducky, you will then start on your down river journey. You will be suprised what you find.

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