2022 Summer Private Boat 23,000yen (Tour photos included)

37,800 Yen (Reserved Raft) reduced to 23,000yen

NOASC is sure to satisfy both first timers and repeat clients!
In Niseko's magnificent nature, we work together with friends and family to ♪ rafting.
Our private chartered boat plan is recommended for such people♪
☆ Do you want to raft in a boat only with your group!
☆ I want to enjoy the experience without worrying about other customers!
☆ Because it is a special day, I want to experience the tour alone! (I'm sorry, but we need room for our guide too.) * See note below
☆ Catering for Children, through to the 80 years olds. Raft at your own pace!
And so on....

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イーメールから予約希望のお客様はinfo@noasc>.com,  にメールをお送りください。
If you would like to book visa email, send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following details. Or Send us a facebook message with your name, desired date, time (AM or PM), number of persons, if a pick up is required and if so, a location, and your telephone number.

   お名前 Name
   ・希望日 Tour Date
   ・希望時間 Tour time (Am OR Pm)
   ・人数 Number of persons
   ・送迎の有無(必要な場合、場所)If you need a pick up and the location.
   ・電話番号 Your telephone number.

Or just call NOASC at 0136-23-1688 to talk with one of our friendly staff.


Rafting on the Shiribetsu River, Niseko Course here in Niseko this spring will be awesome. The weather will be mostly great with blue skies, warm temperatures and high water. Don't miss out on this exciting whitewater rafting tour and call our friendly staff to book your seat. Tel:0136-23-1688 or book online using our 10% off coupon code.