Full-Day Group Lift Access Backcountry Tour

As with a half-day tour access the backcountry by using the ski lifts. On a full-day tour a range of courses may be used based on the weather on the day. Chisenupuri or Moiwa Ski resorts, and/or second run after hiking up adjacent Mt. Nitonupuri or Mt. Iwaonupuri. Or just spend your day skiing /snowboarding off the main mountain of Niseko Annupuri. Full day LABC also possible in Moiwa Resort area or Kiroro Resort area.

Let NOASC's qualified and experienced guides pass on their knowledge of the area and share the passion for backcountry touring! Depending on the course on the day, an add-on "onsen" hot spring bath can be included at the end of the tour. Don't forget your towel.  Enquire at NOASC about the Onsen add-on option. Lift tickets and backcountry equipment rental is not included in the price.

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Group Backcountry Tour (Niseko area)

It is that easy - join a group, hike up, take in the brilliant view and then experience some wide open turns on your way back down the mountain. The Niseko area is famous for a good reason - beautiful mountains everywhere, waiting for you to ride it down! Our experienced guides will help you to choose which area will be the best for you. Annupuri, Iwanopuri, Chisenupuri, Nitonupuri, Shiribetsudake, Moiwa and more! We run the backcountry tours (Niseko Backcountry Powder) since 1993, we know the area!

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Niseko Private Half-Day Lift Access Backcountry Tour

From the top lift station of the resort head out into the Niseko Backcountry. Sometimes, you will need a moderate hike up to access that great terrain. After a short break, take in the brillant view and then experience some wide open turns back down into the valley. Optional courses can include Moiwa Ski resort and hiking up adjacent Mt. Nitonupuri, or Mt. Iwaonupuri. Or just spend your day skiing /snowboarding off the main mountain of Mt. Annupuri. Your private tour allows your guide to teach you more about backcountry touring.

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  • Price up to 3 people 33,000 yen. (Extra person +3,000 yen)
  • Meeting Time 8:15 AM or as agreed
  • Duration 8:30 - 12:00 (approx 3 hours)
  • Min. Age 13 years and above
  • Min. Persons 1
  • Season Dec through to late April

Niseko First Step Private Backcountry Tour

An ideal tour for the first timer backcountry skier/snowboarder wanting an extra VIP service. A private tour allows one to experience the best of what Niseko has to offer, with one-to-one guiding and backcountry instruction. This is your chance to learn about why Niseko is fast becoming on of the most popular powder skiing/snowboarding destinations in the world today.

Our experienced guides will show you the way, and what all the hype is all about! They will introduce you to the necessary equipment and it's correct use, on the tour.

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