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What is your skiing Level?

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Niseko Skiing Lessons NOASC Mountain ExplorerWhat Level Skier Are You?

Often, one of the first questions you will be asked when booking a ski lesson is, "What level skier are you?". A lot of people cannot tell you directly their level, but tend to describe the run/trails and/or the frequency they skier each season.

Around the world and as happens in Japan, most ski schools use a similar classification system for describing your skiing ability and grouping skiers into one of several categories normally referred to as beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. NOASC is no different. Although at NOASC, unlike most other ski schools, we continue to instruct and educate you off-piste; beyond the boundaries of the ski resort, into the backcountry.

The following guide will provide you information about how to evaluate your own skiing ability and help you to choose the right NOASC Ski lesson.


Skier Level Level Name Description Skiing Phase Off-piste Level Ski Run & Terrain Difficulty
0 First Timer This lesson caters to people whom have never skied before getting use to your equipment, standing, sliding, and moving around on your skis. Beginner - Flat/Beginner Slope
1 Beginner Skiers whom are starting to slide and stop, maybe able to turn a little.  Novice - people whom have never skied to skiers making turns and mastering the green runs on the mountain  -


2  Intermediate Beginner Skiers whom have confidence doing a snowplough/wedge turn, looking for more advice on how to link their turns and improve their ability to turn. Skiers that haven't skied for a long time, and maybe don't remember how to turn. Great place to refresh your skills. Novice - see above. Green 
3  Advanced Beginner  You have confidence linking turns on green runs, getting on and off the beginner lifts, and you are looking to progress to some new and more challenging ski runs. Novice - see above. Green and sometimes Red runs. 
4  Beginner Intermediate  You can ski all type of green runs on the lower mountain confidently and are ready to start skiing red (blue overseas) runs using a mixture of snowploughing/wedge turns and beginner parallel turns. Experimenting with the occassional off-piste snow  run a little.  Intermediate - this is a wide area and refers to skiers who can link turns, on green or red(blue) runs, or use a parallel turn technique on easy black runs. Gaining confidence in various snow conditions.  First timer Off-piste  Green and Red
5 Intermediate  Level 5 is for skiers whom can confidently make turns on red ski runs, and are seeking to improve their parallel turn technique. Enjoying the fresh powder occasionally.  Intermediate - see above. Beginner Off-Piste Powder   Red
6 Advanced Intermediate  You are becoming more and more confident on red runs, on and off-piste, skiing with parallel turns.  Intermediate - see above.  Intermediate Off-Piste  Red and sometimes Black
7 Advanced   Skier at this level are confident on red and some black runs, and are varying their skiing line, turn radius, based on snow conditions and the terrain.  Advanced - The area covers skiers who are linking turns on steeper runs, on and off-piste, in a variety of snow conditions.  Lift Access Backcountry  Black and off-piste
8  Mountain Explorer  You can ski comfortably, using a variety of turns, on steep terrain, tree runs, and in varying depths of powder. You have basic knowledge and experience in using backcountry equipment.  Advanced - see above.  Novice Backcountry  Black and off-piste


 Skiers at this level are comfortable at skiing all terrain in all conditions, on and off-piste, and outside the resort boundaries. You may have completed a Backcountry Avalanche Awareness course.  Expert - Skiers at this phase are competent skiing in all snow conditions in and outside the resort boundaries. They possess the knowledge and skill to ski in the backcountry on half day to multiday tours.  Half Day Backcountry  All Terrain
10  Backcountry Explorer You are seeking to improve your off-piste skiing skills, backcountry skiing technique and safe travel skills. You normally have your own backcountry equipment.  Expert - see above.  Full Day Backcountry  All Terrain
11  Backcountry Tourer  Skiers at this level regulary ski in the backcountry and are wishing to learn more about overnight snow camping techniques, advanced touring techniques.  Expert - see above.  Multi-Day/Tourer  All Terrain

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