NOASC is Hokkaido Japan's leading Adventure company running adventure activities throughout Hokkaido in Niseko, Kiroro and Jozankei (Sapporo) year round. Each winter we employ seasonal backcountry guides to help our customers and NOASC members to enjoy off-piste skiing in Niseko, Kiroro, Rusutsu and other parts of Hokkaido.

NOASC Niseko is our head operation here in Hokkaido Japan. Each year we are looking for....


  • 雇用期間 Mid- December through to February
  • 雇用名 Seasonal (Winter)
  • スタッフ宿泊施設 Dormitory Style, or help finding other suitable lodgings.
  • スタッフトレーニング On the job training for new staff tail guides. Guides need exp. & aval. quals.
  • ビザ Working Holiday or Working Visa required. Inquire at your nearest Japanese embassy.
  • 定員 3
  • 給料 Depends on ones experience and qualifications. Starting from 4,000yen per half-day tour.
  • 期待するもの Please e-mail NOASC so we can send you a document outlining what to expect during the season.
カテゴリ: NOASC求人情報