Schools Program : What to bring on River Activities

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Things to bring when going Rafting/Duckying with your school:

Spring (April - June) , Autumn (September - October)
Even though you will be wearing semi dry suits over your clothes, it is advised that you wear clothes you don't mind if they get wet. For example, track suit top and bottoms, a fleece top and bottoms, and thermals. We recommend clothes that are non-restricitve and allow free movement of your limbs. Please do not arrive on the day in jeans.
 We also advise that you do not wear cotton made clothes, as they absorb moisture and fail to insulate the body when they become wet.
Summer (July - August)
NOASC recommends you wear clothes you won't mind if they get wet, such as an old tee shirt and shorts, your swimmers, etc. On hot days your swimmers, with a polyester tee shirt, along with our life jackets over the top provides ample protection against the weather. Make sure you don't forget your sunscreen.
With regards to footwear for primary schoolers, please wear sport sandals, some old runners, etc. Make sure your sport sandals have a supporting ankle strap to help prevent you loosing them if you happen to fall into the river.
For students who do not possess the above foot wear NOASC will provide rental wet boots (size 22cm to 32cm) free of charge.
For stuidents with feet size under 22cm long, please provide your own foot wear, or contact NOASC for advice.
All Seasons (Including winter)
Most persons participating in river activities get wet. We highly recommend that you bring with you a towel, a dry change of clothes, to get changed into in the case you get wet.
Please leave all valuables, accessories (watches, necklaces, bracelets, etc.) at your hotel, or in your bus, as these items are not allowed to be brought on tour.
For persons who wear glasses, or contact lenses, we ask you to consider not wearing these items whilst on tour. To help prevent possible damage or lose of these items on tour, we strongly advise you to wear swimming goggles, use sport straps to help secure your glasses to your head, and/or consider using disposable contact lenses when participating on a NOASC adventure activity.
Tours are generally not affected by rain. In the case NOASC cancels a tour on the day of the tour, we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.
NOASC Tour Conditions
 To help prevent accidents, injuries to oneself and other persons on tour, persons that are under influence of alcohol, pregnant, suffer from an injury that may be adversely affected by one’s participation, may be refused participation. Please contact our staff if you have any questions about this matter.
All participants must read and sign an “Assumption of risk and Wavier of liability” form prior to participating on a NOASC tour. Persons under the age of 18 years will require a parent or guardian to sign also. For school groups your school has signed this wavier on your behalf, or you have filled in a form prior to your arrive at NOASC. Please let us know on the day, before your tour commences if any of the information supplied has changed, or anything you think we should be aware of with regards to your health on the day. If you are not sure about anything, please feel free to ask our friendly staff.
Although, basic insurance is included in the tour price, we recommend persons/schools to have their own adequate insurance. For non-Japanese residents, we strongly recommend that you have adequate travel insurance coverage prior to participation.
Other Important Information for schools:
Going to the Toilet : From when you leave our NOASC Adventure base on tour, until you return there are not toilet facilities. Please make sure you go to the toilet before arriving at NOASC. Even though we have toilet facilities at NOASC, to help with the smooth running of your tour, it is highly advised to go to the toilet before leaving your accommodation, or having a toilet stop prior to arriving at NOASC Adventure Base.
During river activities, even if you do not fall out of your raft/ducky, etc., it is correct to expect you will get wet through water games, sweat from physical activity including paddling, etc. Coming in the correct clothing attire, with a change of clothes, and understanding of all of the above will help you to have a great experience. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact NOASC for furhter information.