Lake/Sulphur Mountain Hiking Course

This tour incorporates an approximate 6 hour (one day) hike of Mt
and nearby lakes. Along the way you we be able to view
beautifull lake, mountain and coastline scenery. On a clear day you also will be
able to sea both the west and east coastlines on Southern
. This is a medium level (3rd level) hiking tour requiring
average to above average fitness.

Contact Niseko Backcountry
Tours (NOASC)
for our next available tour, and futher details.



  • 大人料金 6,400yen
  • 所要時間 6 hours
  • 体力レベル Level 3 - Moderate/Hard
  • 集合時間 8:00AM
  • 対象年齢 13 yrs+
  • シーズン Mid-June to mid-October
カテゴリ: Niseko Hiking/Trekking

Niseko Hiking/Trekking Information

 NOASC offers various hiking and overnight "Trekking" tours with the Niseko Mountain range. Enjoy your tour with friendly, professional, and knowledgable local NOASC staff. We have courses of varying difficluty and length, to suit our customer's needs. Be it half day tours, through to multiday tours for the more adventureous trekker. Contact NOASC for further details!


  • プロ; Our guides are fully trained, full time guides.
  • 多言語: English, Japanese, Chinese, etc.
  • フレンドリー: Always striving to make you feel special.
  • 豊富な知識: Extensive knowledge of the flora, fauna and history of the area.
  • 経験があり: Running Summer and winter tours since 1993

Mt. Yotei Hiking Tour - Makkari course

NOASC offers various hiking and overnight "Trekking" tours up Mt. Yotei. Mt. Yotei can be climbed from Kyogoku, Hirafu, Makkari and Rusutsu sides. Makkari Course gives one the easiest approach to the top of Mt Yotei with a gradual and consistent steepness. Enjoy your tour with friendly, professional, knowledgable, local NOASC staff.


  • 大人料金 5 Pers. 12,000yen (per pers.), 4 Pers. 12,700yen,3 Pers. 13,500yen,2 Pers. 15,000yen, & 1 Pers. 30,000yen.
  • 所要時間 8-10 hours
  • 体力レベル Level 4 - Difficult
  • 集合時間 6:30am
  • 対象年齢 13 yrs + (6 yrs and above see family tour)
  • シーズン Mid-June to mid-October

ニセコ ハイキング 神仙沼コース



  • 大人料金 5名3,500円、4名3,750円、3名3,900円、2名4,200円, 1名8,650円
  • 所要時間 約2.5時間
  • 体力レベル 初心者~上級者
  • 集合時間 9:30AM, 13:30PM
  • 対象年齢 6歳~
  • シーズン 5月中旬~10月末
カテゴリ: Niseko Hiking/Trekking