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One of yesterday's Private Lift Access Backcountry tours went over Niseko Annupuri, Iwaonupuri, Koiwaonupuri and Nitonupuri mountains with a marthorn effort. Anna for Euorpe was a seasoned touring vetran with the strength and stamina to show for it. Great weather and new snowfalls over night set the scene for great turns and smiles all day long.

Clients enjoy untracked turns in the Niseko Backcountry on Mt. Chizenupuri and Mt. Nitonupuri within the Niseko Mountain range. Call NOASC on T:0136-23-1688 to book your tour. 

With the great snowfalls over the last week our guides/Instructors enjoying the POW on Mt Nitonupuri and Mt Chizenupuei within the Niseko Mountain Range.