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2015 Technical Rope Rescue (TRR-T)

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Technical Rope Rescue

This course introduces the student to rescue techniques using ropes. Utilizing “discovery learning” techniques, the current rescue technology and methods, the student is taught the necessary skills to effectively and safely carry out technical rope rescues in environments ranging from simple embankment (low angle) through to vertical cliff (man-made structures) rescues.

The course covers basic and specialized equipment, ropes and rigging techniques/methods, anchor selection, safety aspects involved with these riggings, rescue scene management and organisation, special problem scenarios, ascending and descending systems, abseiling (rappelling), belaying, lowering and raising systems, Telphers, highline rescue systems, bipod/tripod systems, and rescue stretcher (litter) management.


 General Course Objectives

To provide individuals with the

  1. Instruction and understanding of generally recognized rope rescue techniques, the equipment used, and the correct method of use of this equipment.
  2. Current rope rescue theories and philosophies being taught internationally.
  3. Structures, progressive, “hands-on” methodology to help students retention of new skills, and/or upgrading of existing rescue skills.
  4. Understanding of safety considerations when carrying out rope rescues.
  5. Exposure to pre-planning, and size-up of locations and hazards where rope rescue operations may be needed.

Additional Info

  • Sponsors: Rescue 3 Japan
  • Cost: 47,000円
  • Practice Cost: 1日5,000円
  • Insurance Cost: 500円 (1000yen for practice pers.)
  • Field Location: NOASC Niseko
  • Classroom Location: NOASC Niseko
  • Min. Persons: 8
  • Max. Persons: 15 pers + 5 refreshers
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